Video of expert practitioners simulating the same board meeting

When learners have finished their Dream Weaver board simulation, their professor will give them a code to access a video below showing experienced practitioners of corporate governance conducting their own simulated board meeting using exactly the same agenda packet.

This experienced practitioners video allows learners who have just gone through their own simulation experience to compare what they and their fellow simulation participants did with what the experienced practitioners did in the very same situation.

The experienced practitioners video below is password-protected.  If you’re a learner, then your professor or trainer can give you your password.  If you’re a professor or trainer, then please contact us to get a password.

Expert Practitioners

Expert Practitioners

Based in France.  Served as CEO of French banks BNP and Caisse des Dépots et Consignations after holding government posts related to economics and finance including Director of the French Treasury).   Served as board member of companies Alcatel, Crédit Agricole, Technip, Scor and Areva.  Served as board member, and in many cases president or chairman, of nonprofits Institut Français des Administrateurs (a professional association of company directors), Transparency International, Institut du développement durable et des Relations Internationales (a public policy institute), Observatoire sur la responsabilité sociétale des entreprises  (a multilateral association that accompanies companies in their corporate social responsibility strategies), and Eurofi (a financial services think tank).

Based in the US. Spent 22 years with Japan-based Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, leading its American and European subsidiaries as president, executive officer, general counsel, and chief compliance officer. Has served on the board of profit-motivated and nonprofit organisations in the US, Japan, and Canada.

Based in France. Served as General Director of hospitality company Edenred, and led investor relations and financial communications at hospitality company Accor. Has served on the board of companies such as Legrand (chair of the audit committee) IPSOS, and Vigeo Eiris.

Based in France. Has served as General Counsel at media company Lagardère, aerospace firm EADS (parent of Airbus), electrical utility EDF, and conglomerate Thales.

Based in the US and France. Has founded or served in C-level roles in numerous companies, including FindLaw, HomeCity, Profit Fuel, Yodle, and Senzo Health. Has served on the board of several companies.

Based in France, active throughout Europe. Has served as chief strategy officer of the French Atomic & Alternative Energy Commission. Currently serves on the board of Italian companies SNAM (board chair), Prysmian Group (chair of the Reumuneration Committee and chair of sustainability), and Saras, as well as on the board of French company GEODIS and Dutch company ASM.

Based in France, active throughout Europe and Africa. A corporate governance advisor, spent 32 years at KPMG, providing financial audit and advisory services to transnational corporations and major listed companies

Based in France. Professor of business law in France, at ESCP Business School. Spent 10 years as an entrepreneur in France, and before that 10 years as a transactions lawyer in California.

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