Issue Areas

The Institute for Corporate Governance addresses a broad range of controversial, emerging, and important issues in corporate governance.  On this page, you can access some of our work product related to these issues, including how young people perceive, relate to, and influence corporate governance; CEO compensation components based on a company’s non-financial ESG performance; and shareholder voting on company climate strategy (“Say On Climate”).  Additional issues that we hope to address include (without limitation) reputational risk; diversity, inclusion, and board composition; finance and M&A; legal and compliance issues including corruption, worker mistreatment, and the duty of vigilance; communication strategy; and ESG and sustainability strategy.   Some of these issues are addressed in connection with our Dream Weaver board simulation, while others are addressed independently.

Our work addressing these controversial, emerging, and important issues in corporate governance takes a variety of forms.  We organize events such as conferences and roundtable discussions, often with an accompanying report; we write white papers; and we produce videos and podcasts.   Some of this work product can be consulted below.

We update this page with new work product as we generate it.  We hope that you find it valuable.  

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