Workshop Panel on Corporate Governance and Geopolitics

14 June 2022

The KPMG Professorship in International Corporate Governance is pleased to organize an interactive workshop on corporate governance and geopolitics to take place just before its 6pm round-table exploration of company board challenges in 2022.

This interactive workshop will examine the tools and methods for measuring, adapting to, andcommunicating about geopolitical risk: what company boards have done in the past; how thecontext for such board processes is changing; and how the tools and methods ought to change in response to the changing context. The workshop will begin, though, with an exploration of what constitutes geopolitical risk, and how it differs from, and overlaps with, other forms of risk that company boards are expected to assess.

Attendees are welcome to participate actively. Chatham House Rules will apply, meaning that no transcript will be made, and any report of statements made will not be attributed to identifiable persons.

The workshop will be led by Spyros Maniatis Director of the British Institute for International Comparative Law as well as a former Professor of Commercial Law, and Drew Shagrin, Professor of Business Law at ESCP, with the participation of Maxime Lefebvre Professor of International Relations at ESCP as well as a former ambassador.

Those interested in attending this workshop should request an invitation from one of the workshop leaders.

This workshop will run concurrently with another workshop on corporate governance, human rights, and sustainability.

The workshop will be followed by the conference on Challenges for Corporate Board Members in 2022.

14 JUNE 2022
15h00 – 16h30
ESCP, 79 Avenue de la République
75011 Paris


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